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September 26, 2016

1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Two More Effing Years???!!!

Wow... two years since my last update... WTF? Well, here is "What The efF... I got my Barracuda back from the shop in November 2009 and it's been sitting in my garage - not running - ever since. I was so pissed... the day before I was to pick up the car I got a call telling me they'd test driven it, it was running great, blah blah blah, I could pay the final amount I owed and pick it up the next day... So the "next day" a get a phone call telling me it'spooping and acting like it dropped a valve. WTF!!! I had it towed home and called the shop that rebuilt the engine. They came to my house and looked at it and found many sticky valves. According to the machine shop owner the gas smelled rancid and could be the cause of the sticking valves. He offered to tow it to his shop and check it out, "but..." 1, my precious car would be sitting outside for God knows how long in a part of town that lets just say ins't known for its low crime rate and 2, if he determined that the cause of the sticky valves was rancid gas then I'd have to pay for the repairs.

Lets see... I'd just paid about $6000 for a high end rebuild on the engine and over $7000 to have the engine installed and the car converted from an automatic to a 5-speed. OK, maybe I'm a sucker but I'm not going to get suckered again... I decide to pull the heads myself and have the heads checked by an independent shop. Now it gets interesting. I can't pull the heads because the header flange covers the outer row of head bolts and I can't remove the headers without taking apart the front suspension (don't ask...). No problem, just pull the engine, right? WRONG. Thanks to tha way the shop installed the radiator (to get more fan clearance) I can't get the g0d@mn radiator out to pull the engine. And it's not just that I'm stupid... I had several friends over that actually know how to work on cars (unlike me) and they couldn't figure out how to remove the radiator either - at least without doing some cutting. Well, I'm not going to cut the car for ANY reason and I'm not going to cut the radiator until I know where the replacement is coming from, then life happens, and there it sits... for over 2 years...

Now that I think about it, I'm still pissed. Number One, the shop that did the work knew that the gas in the tank was old, because I told them the car had been sitting for years. Why in the H311 didn't they flush the tank? In fact one of the items on by bill was removing the gas tank line and cleaning out the congealed gas. Should this have NOT been a clue to flush the tank as wel??? Number Two, what in the H311 were they thinking when they put the radiator in the way they did??? I tell you, NEVER take your car to B&T Custom in Reno. Not only did they Fu#k up my car, the final bill was a cuople $thousand over their original estimate. On top of all that, AFTER they delivered my non-running car, they had the Fu#king gall to bill me another $90 for something they "forgot" to add to the original bill.

So now it's 2012 and I really need to get the car running this year. I'm too PO'd to mess with it, so I'm going to find a shop I can (hopefully) trust to fix the radiator mounting issue and pull the engine and fix the sticking valves. It would be nice to get it done before 0bama gets reelected and bans pleasure driving or jacks up gas prices so much that no one can afford to drive.

Updated February 12, 2012

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